Mangini's Gear: Picture, List, and Video Explanations

Drums: Pearl Reference Pure series
A. 5½x14 snare
B. 6x10 mini snare
C. 10" ePro electronic bass drum
D. 16x26 bass drum
E. 18x22 bass drum
F. 16x18 bass drum
G. 16x16 floor tom
H. 9x12 tom
I. 7x8 tom
J. 7x6 tom
K. 8x10 tom
L. 9x14 tom
M. 16x18 floor tom
N. 16x20 gong drum
O. 10" ePro pad mounted on
     10" Rhythm Traveler shell
P. 12x6 aluminum Cannon tom
Q. 15x6 aluminum Cannon tom
R. 18x6 aluminum Cannon tom
S. 21x6 aluminum Cannon tom
Cymbals: Zildjian
1. 19" Rezo crash
2. 20" A Custom China
3. 17" K Thin Dark crash
4. 17" K Custom Fast crash
5. 16" K EFX crash
6. 19" Z3 China
7. 18" A Custom Medium crash
8. 18" Oriental China Trash on top
     of 14" Trashformer
9. 20" Earth ride
     (discontinued, now 20" A Custom)
10. 14" A Custom hi-hats (remote)
11. 13" ZBT hi-hats (X-hat)
12. 8" K splash
13. 10" Oriental Trash splash
14. 13" Oriental China Trash on top
     of 10" Trashformer
15. 8" ZHT China splash
16. 12" Oriental China Trash on top
     of 10" Trashformer
17. 6" Zil-Bel on top of tambourine
18. 13" K/Z hi-hats (remote)
19. 13" New Beat hi-hats (X-hat)
20. 20" A Custom ride
     (now 20" Z3 Rock ride)
21. 14" Oriental China Trash on top
     of 14" Trashformer
22. 20" Oriental China Trash on top
     of 20" Crash of Doom
23. 26" gong
Sticks: Zildjian Mike Mangini Signature
model (63 grams)

Heads: Remo, including Coated Controlled
Sound bottom dot on snares, clear black dot
tom and gong drum batters and Clear
Ambassador bottoms, Clear Powerstroke 3
on 22" bass drums, and clear black dot on 18"
and 26" bass drums

Percussion: Pearl tambourine, wind chimes,
and ePro Tru-Trac pads with percussion
sounds triggered from the; Vater
black and glow-in-the-dark skull-shaped Slick
Nut cymbal fasteners

Mics: Shure, including Beta 98A on rack toms,
Beta 27 on floor toms, SM57 on main snare,
Beta 52A on bass drums, KSM137 on cymbals,
and KSM32 overheads

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