The Sciences

Mike’s World Renown learning system is called Rhythm Knowledge.  It is based on Natural Laws of the human person and the environments the person exists within. The link above is to a stand alone website dedicated to explaining it.

With that said, Mike teaches based off of these principles, but also continues to learn more about them. This page outlines Mike’s systems, the principles that they’re founded on and his current research.  This page is a work in progress for May 2022 and will to subpages associated with each topic below.

The way that Mike combines Cognitive Science and Learning and instrument allows for his systems to be applied to just about anything in any other discipline. He has successfully applied this combination to create “The GRID.” "The GRID” is a system of improvisation based on the categoization of all possible things that can be played on the drums. Thhis DVD release won reader’s polls in DRUM! and Modern Drummer magazine for “Educational Material.”

His working with a one of the world’s most prominent brain research teams (kept private for now,) to test, document and then publish their findings on his learning methods. Several years ago, Mike’s hand speed and velocities were tested along with 600 other drummers. The same scientist conducted an MRI on Mike’s brain to see what his brain was like. The results (which you can see here,) validate Mike’s techniques as being unique and drastically different that the other participants. The MRI showed the Mike has a totally normal brain, so he isn’t “lucky” or made “better” than anyone else. It is his methods that are different than any other's before him. 

Mike will ultimately combine with the Cognitive tests and research results to form a conclusion on the nature of learning itself. One purpose of this work is to prove the vailitidy of using Rhythm Knowledge to learn musical instruments and music pattern recognition better than any other existing method. The other goal is to help those who cannot acheive some skills by pure talent, or with their current methods.

Mike is soon to expand his use of science to validate his theories and ultimately promote his and other learning methods.  His visit to CERN in Switzerland yieled extremely helpful knowledge from the physicists that conversed with him. You can some highlights from the visit here.

Mike Mangini ®