Cognitive Collaborations

Mike is working with a team led by Andres Canales-Johnson of Cambridge University, UK.

An interview by Andres with Mike was conducted and will be posted here in December.

The team has begun a series of tests involving rhythm.  Mike is not only contributing as a test subject, but is designing new ones and offering solutions to exist unknowns in the field of Cognitive Science.

If you read up on Rhythm Knowledge and the GRID, you’ll notice the Mike turned improvisation into a science that can apply to learning ANYTHING. This is why the team involved Mike.

The long term goal for the team, is for Mike’s methods and the team’s findings to be proven, accepted, then adopted by the Cognitive Science world-wide community.

At this time, the team (including Mike,) is calibrating the audio recording systems. Mike’s engineering skills are affording him and the team the luxury of not needing to be in the same room while on different continents.

Mike Mangini ®