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Dream Theater's latest live album/video, Breaking the Fourth Wall,
released in various formats on 9/30/2014! Click here .
The production and song selection on this one are amazing! (-BSeff)

     Welcome to the official website of Mike Mangini, drummer for Dream Theater! We hope to keep Mike's following updates current. However, for the latest info, please view or click on Mike's personal Facebook feed down to the right (or on the icon above). Thank you for visiting!

- 12/25/2014 -

     Merry Christmas!!

- 12/19/2014 -

     Breaking the 4th Wall on Vh Classic and Palladia TV TONIGHT!!!!

- 12/15/2014 -

     An online helper of mine brought this clip to me in light of my wondering how far I should take the older DT drum tracks as different than the recorded versions. I think by now, that 97+% of fans seeing us know that I have respect for the original parts and I can now perform them similarly, but not exact to the record. The overwhelming amount of positive comments have helped me understand what the people that matter think.This is nice because THIS is where I'm took the pre-ADTOE songs after "...4th Wall" was shot and where I am going from now on. Not that this fill is a melodious/tasty/groovy thing, because it is not. It is just an improvised-from-attitude, chops filled explosion with enough shape that it can be followed, and it seems to have done what I meant it to do. So, No more just copying the recording fills. I felt like that what the right thing to do when playing an older tune for people live. From now on, it is pedal to the METAL.

- 12/14/2014 -

     The Pirate is going to have some serious fun during this performance. I know time flies during a 90 minute clinic.

- 12/5/2014 -

     Thanks to everyone for a great 2014 thus far with not much left to go. I just slept solidly for 4 days. Everything hurts, but I'm getting back to work today very excited some new gear advances!

- 11/28/2014 -

     Tearing it up on all levels of sharing, talking, dining and blasting!!

- 11/27/2014 -

     Happy Thanksgiving to all back in the USA! I don't like being away for the holidays, but I'm thankful for the rest I am getting in these few days. I need that more than anything right now; health is #1 and I'm very thankful for lots!!

- 11/26/2014 -

     I'm looking forward to an unheard of 3 days off on a tour. It appears I will be having a LOT of fun in Athens. :) I just hope I make it there tonight so I can begin my fun rather than being held up in airports.

     Zildjian Day in Poland was awesome on all levels. I had a lot of fun with all of you that stuffed into the venue and went nuts all gig !! Now I am in the midst of being the victim of an airport strike in Greece while already in transit. Thankfully, the clinic is not for 4 more days. I hope my plans to practice drums with George Kollias are not compromised by this unfortunate ... thing.

- 11/22/2014 -

     Huge thanks to the Zildjian Day crews and hosts in Dordrecht, Copenhagen and Rome !!!

     Hope to see anyone around Frankfurt for Zildjian Day today. It is free ... Lots of great drummers yet again ! Lots of music, solos and banter and questions. My last events on this tour have all been amazing!

- 11/16/2014 -

     Great Zildjian Day #1 in Dordrecht, Netherlands earlier tonight. Completely packed house of awesome drum fans !! Thanks to the incredible crew there. That was a LOT of fun!!

     I am in Dordrecht Holland, home of the "Pizza Mangini" named after me in the mid 90's and still on the menu in one place !!! Funny! Met Gavin- how awesome it is to hang out with someone that thinks the same as yourself on 1,000 topics and is loaded with humor. I can't wait to get playing and listening later on.

- 11/6/2014 -

     Here are my European Zildjian Day Dates and Locations.

- 10/30/2014 -

     The DT Tour is done. Sydney was a great place to end ...so nice that I'm staying here for a clinic/Q&A fun time tonight. See you in Adelaide and Brisbane if you live there before I depart. Check my old posting about the clinic locations.

- 10/22/2014 -

     Thank you Japan, our travel staff and friends!! I thought my jet lag would be a tough thing, but I had my most drum-part-adventurous and old songs-part changing to my own style shows with tons of energy. On to S. Korea next...

- 10/21/2014 -

     I am heading back to Europe and excited to hit Greece this time as DT didn't make it there this tour ! Dordrecht, Copenhagen, Rome, Frankfurt, London, Katowice, Paris and Athens !! Seriously fabulous drummers on every bill. I'm honored to be a part of it!!

- 10/19/2014 -

     Domo Tokyo, Japan and Loud Park crowd for packing the venue and staying all day and night!

- 10/14/2014 -

     Awesome !! A big "thanks" to MP in Fortaleza and all the helped that clinic sell out, to get that great equipment for me and to all who attended and had a lot of laughs, fun and hopefully enjoyed the clinic and the demonstrations. Last but not least, is a huge "thank you" to the DT fans of South America for our last tour leg!

     After DT finishes all touring in the Pacific Rim, I will stay in Australia for clinics (see older posts.) A gig vacancy opened up I was asked today to go back to Europe to Perform at ALL the "Zildjian Day" Events and I immediately agreed ! This will be approximately November 16-30. I believe that some locations are still being confirmed and that Gavin Harrison will also be playing along with local drummers from each location!

- 10/8/2014 -

     In Sao Paolo getting ready for great show. Cool stage!!

- 10/4/2014 -

     In Sao Paolo getting ready for great show. Cool stage!!

- 10/1/2014 -

     AUSTRALIAN CLINICS: I realize that the Oct 28 Clinic is already sold out, but the other dates are listed here. I'll be sharing my Grid & Rhythm Knowledge philosophies with lots of demonstrations of them. See you there if you're going.

- 9/29/2014 -

- 9/27/2014 -

     Thank you for all the overly crazy positive comments I'm (we actually) receiving personally about the "Breaking the Fourth Wall" DVD. The sound. The lighting. The camera angles... It just feels great to see the development over the last four years from ADToE, to Luna Park, to Dream Theater to Breaking the 4th Wall and these two World Tours. Each one is a pretty big change from the prior release. Even the way I'm playing the songs today has evolved from earlier in the year. The progress is not slowing down- it is increasing like the Universe :) Truly a progressive band this is huh?

- 9/25/2014 -

     Dream Theater Show #1 in Chile was a gas!! Awesome crowd! I'm In Argentina now trying to digest a steak the size of Madagascar. Thankfully, sharing a meal with a band with huge senses of humor helps :) BTW: I am staying 1 extra day in Brazil for a clinic and I'll also stay a few extra days in Australia for them. No Master classes- they're clinics.

- 9/22/2014 -

     To ALL supporting my "Grid" Tour, Thank You!! What a hugely fun time. I didn't want to have to have to race to the airport, but I'm on my way to Chile fairly soon! Can't wait for the 1st DT hit in S.A.!!!

- 9/16/2014 -

     Packed house for my 1st "Grid" Master Class and Clinic day at Thomann!! Thanks!! We are outside of Vienna right now heading to the Master Class there. I can't wait. It'll be a really great time yet again. See you soon Vienna!

Workshop at Thomann Amphitheater 9/15/2014

- 9/14/2014 -

     Arrival to Verona was laced with incredible food, red wine, drums and sleep. 1st Master Class was incredibly fun. It flew by too fast. I have specially made laminated Grids for everyone in the class. Looking forward to hitting Germany tonight and doing the Master Class, then clinic tomorrow!! Will have Grid DVDs, special versions of my sticks at the merch booth that I will sign.

- 9/7/2014 -

     FYI- I will be in both Vienna and Australia for clinics. Also, I am staying in Fortzleza, BRAZIL for an extra day for a workshop discussing my "Grid" and "Rhythm Knowledge" methods. Here is the information for October 12.

- 8/27/2014 -

     Here is the final list of "The Grid" events I'm going to host in Europe in about fifteen days from now. It's going to be 2/3 masterclasses and 5 clinics! Not bad for a last minute visit to the Old Continent... please refer to mikemanginihthegrid@gmail.com if you want to sign up for the classes or have extra info about the upcoming clinics. Hope to see many of you there! A thanks to the support from REMO heads, Pearl Drums, Vater Slicknuts and Zildjian cymbals and sticks. I will have very limited GRID DVD's and specially labelled sticks of mine and we are working getting a unique/cool picture made. Vienna is not decided yet. I will sit on a scenic Austrian hill with a local food picnic lunch while catching up on the latest Thomas Lang's and others' drum videos if there's no class :)

- 8/26/2014 -

     We need to know if Vienna, Austria is a desired location for another Master Class on (9/16)??? Email mikemanginithegrid@gmail.com ASAP to express your interest in going and for information. I know this is happening fast, but it is what it is. I don't know more information today. But, we will stop there if people sign up.

- 8/26/2014 -

     The European Clinic Tour is moving very, very fast. I haven't even posted the 4 Italian clinics and 1 is already sold out. It only holds 400+ people. Sorry! I'll post them all later today/tomorrow. There will be the exclusive German Master Class (9/15) and also one in Fumane, Italy on 9/13)...see below!!!

https://www.facebook.com/events/828630350490931 - Photo by Sabrina Ramdoyal

- 8/23/2014 -

     Clinics will be announced for 4 locations in Australia, 1 in Brazil and some that are formulating in Europe. 1 Intense, Day Long Master Class will be at my only appearance in Germany.

- 8/23/2014 -

     Here's my only Germany based "Intensive" Master Class, then clinic.

- 8/15/2014 -

     I'm thrilled to announce that my first "the Grid - in Person" masterclass will be held at Thomann Musikhaus in Treppendorf, Germany on Sept 15th - in exactly one month! Please send an email to mikemanginithegrid@gmail.com to sign up and have further infos. We're gonna have tons of fun for sure but be quick as seats are very limited! And for those who won't make it to the class, I'm going to have a open clinic later the same day/same location. So stay posted - good news ahead!

- 8/13/2014 -

     My Clinic Tour Manager is organizing my bringing "The Grid- in person," via a day of practicing and learning to Central Europe. A few locations in and around some clinic dates are being chosen. We have to limit the amount of seats for obvious reasons. Please use mikemanginithegrid@gmail.com to contact him and get your name on a list if the areas that work out for us work well for you too. I will look over everyone's areas of interest before I arrive. This is happening pretty fast as I only have Sept 13 to 20 to do this before I fly to South America with Dream Theater.

- 8/7/2014 -

     In addition to the powerful "in person" teaching route, the thought occurred to me to do some online Master Classes for those not able to be in person. Perhaps a set of 8 person classes with a moderator and me? Oppositely: maybe a non-live thing with a secure video area, then a chat and response thing to each person when the time zones don't work out. I'm good at organizing information, but I'd like to know what people want to learn from me and then I'd have to put people in groups with alike interests, or do simple video clips in a month long course where I post individual clip and chat responses? I don't have time for elaborately produced video- I'm not sure anybody cares about that anyway except for in a professional DVD setting.

- 8/6/2014 -

     I am wondering what the interest would be out there if I was to give two 1 or 2 day "Intensive 6 hour lesson days" in a Master Class format in Nevers, France and in Treppendorf, Germany in mid September? Other than perhaps a couple of Clinics in Italy- maybe, this is all I have time for in September before DT hits the road again. I'm not sure of the pricing- something normal/affordable. My Tuscany camp was a sell out & success; the same person is running these events.

- 8/3/2014 -

     Cheers to everyone that had fun with us during on of our shows thus far on tour. I already want to get practicing, but a couple of days of not playing at all is good. I did a quick check on our Boston DVD footage. I am stunned about the look and sound of this current tour's performance being captured like 'that' is all I'll say. The release of it is moving very fast. Really fast. Those in the Southern and Pacific Rim areas of the World will get to see this production in person next.... Check the DT FB for announcement dates on both. I do not know them.

- 7/27/2014 -

     Day off. Sleep. Eat. Catch up on communications, news and bizz. Eat ... Feeling very well. Sleep. Tomorrow: espressos, eat, VIP Meet/Greet & Signings, press, eat, practice, perform for the Romanian crowd. Been a while since I was here with Vai. 14 years... yikes. Going to be another high energy show.

- 7/25/2014 -

     4 seconds into starting our opening video tonight, I saw the lighting poles behind me swaying by a solid foot (30.48cm for you metric folks.) Earthquake? Crowd going crazy? My tech and I looked above at all the heavy stuff over our heads and shrugged our shoulders...let's do it. We came, we played, we enjoyed and then we ate. :) Great night Bratislava! Life is never boring out here I'll tell you that. Everything was fine except my face for the first few songs was probably void of blood. Hope you all, well, I know you like the show because the end of the night cheering was off the charts. What a tour this is. Thank you.

- 7/24/2014 -

     Faces from those part of this don't lie correct? You should see ours and crew's smiling faces every single night as we leave the stage and get together as a family, eat and discuss everything and everybody contributing to all this joy.

VIP details have been sent for 7/26 Budapest! Email info@future-beat.com if you did not receive the information

- 7/23/2014 -

     Still in Italy performing and eating! Awesome!

- 7/21/2014 -

     I feel better on this tour than any. Able to step everything up a notch, including total rest on off days. Sleep, sleep and more sleep...and of course, eating all the delicious foods of all your amazing cities in the World. I've felt heathy enough with not getting run down or hurting too much in the wrist to get out to see more fans in the cities, take more pics and stay to sign etc. I've not been able to do that before like this. I feel great! Hope everyone loves the show!

- 7/9/2014 -

     Dream Theater have been nominated for four awards at this year’s ProgAwards in the following categories:

LIVE EVENT - An Evening With Dream Theater
GRAND DESIGN - Limited Edition Dream Theater Collectors Box Set
ALBUM OF THE YEAR - Dream Theater

Vote at http://awards.prog.teamrock.com/

Voting is open until August 1st!

- 7/4/2014 -

     Good to be back on tuahhh starting out in England and ready to hit a lot of new cities! :)

- 7/1/2014 -

     I'll repost the same solo as soon as I get it back with the better audio. The other video's audio was from a camera positioned near my left hihat and only some stereo mixes exists. Also, I'm featured in the upcoming Drummer magazine in the UK and on Australia's Drumscene magazine at some point soon. Most importantly, see many of you soon in Europe on tuaahhh

- 6/13/2014 -

     Here my Along For The Ride Tour drum solo from the stage POV with 16 camera angles and live, raw sound. Hope it is entertaining.

- 6/9/2014 -

     The DreamTheater360 App for Android is here. Interactively experience in 360° "Bridges In The Sky” & "6:00” at launch along with other cool content -- biographies, discography, photos etc. More songs to follow weekly!

- 6/3/2014 -

     I just saw a test video of the drum solo I have been performing on the "Along for the Ride" tour. It isn't a normal look :):) and I've never seen anything like it, so it is taking a while to get it together. If enough people are interested in my explaining the musical source as well as how to play it, then we will put something together using it.

- 5/9/2014 -

     For all interested in the drum mechanics of what I'm doing on my break: My Brain Hurting practicing is about delving into the realm of multiple sounds, rhythmic & limb patterns that would normally sound like a math puzzle rather than music.
     However, I have found a way recently to play what could be a hundred thousand more extremely complex combinations (in hours rather than decades) while knowing which ones make a groove and make music. These are the ones I will take to Dream Theater.
     My downfall is the same as everyones: a lack of foot and balance strength & speed (physically, in addition to mind processing speed.) If you practice drums, you know darn well that a lack of balance and foot speed while trying to really hit the pedals can render all of us unable to execute something totally new while trying to use them like hands. I'm chipping away and it is fun to have something to grow into.

- 5/9/2014 -

     Wiring up the drum kits microphones today after a brain hurting practice.

- 5/5/2014 -

     Nostalgic talk for those interested: While consolidating drum kits and making space, my tech from the Vai days and I disassembled and stacked/stored my Vai used Opal White Maple kit and the Platinum Mist Birch one (Mullmuzzler II & Annihilator A.F.Y. record.) We realized the heads on the Opal kit were 15 years old as I wanted to preserve it by not using it. Where does the time go? We'll be moving my studio full "DT" Mahogany kit to my 'ready to use' area and move the Nub (American Choppers) Reference pure kit to my home studio to replace the Mahogany one. Computers and software upgrades and fixes due this week. Finally AFTER 3 1/2 YEARS in Dream Theater I'm getting to all this dusty stuff :-) A non drummer must think we're nuts for wanting to stack up and look at all our drums and maybe hit them once in a while :-)

- 4/29/2014 -

     I am home & beat to a pulp after these 2 tour legs. In addition to catching up with life, there's so much swapping of gear to do in my studio (ADToE drum kit, Samson Audio gear etc.) First is resting with no playing for a couple of days. I think most of us drummers get hurt moving gear than hitting the drums. I'll be practicing some new Tempo Advance driven patterns, checking in on video clips and composing a batch of riffs.

- 4/26/2014 -

     Guadalajara tonight is the final show of this leg. I have filmed a lot with Zoom and ION cameras and have help to put together some clips.

- 4/25/2014 -

     Tuukka Rask nominated for the Vezina Trophy. Heavy Metal Goalie. Awesome.

- 4/23/2014 -

     Hello Monterrey Mexico !! This place looks like it holds a LOT of people. The lights and video screens ought to look killer !! I'd love if we got mainstream airplay in the USA so we could play the hockey arenas as I selfishly want to look up at all the Stanley Cup Banners around the league while playing the drums. I dreamed about playing in the NHL when I was very young. I took lots of pics of the pics of the old school (60's & 70's) Canadians in Montreal. Fun Stuff.

- 4/21/2014 -

     The USA is Done. I have great memories-- Really great ones. We are on to Mexico next and I expect craziness as usual because everyone knows that we are bringing our very, very best efforts. This show is the most important thing to us. Enjoy !!

- 4/17/2014 -

     Finally Sunny weather. It has been out since Kansas City and the West Coast has been just awesome. I just wish I could enjoy it more. I am occupied until very, very late after the shows, often can't catch up with anyone and sleep till the last minute in afternoon in order to stay healthy. I've missed a lot of friends on this leg, sorry, but, being healthy trumps all and what matters most is the show, which it appears is kicking high energy butt for 3 hours. What a ride this is. Enjoy this massive production if you're at the shows.

- 4/11/2014 -

Cool photo that Dream Theater's Facebook account shared - by Rob Fenn (Denver, CO - 4/10/2014)

- 4/10/2014 -

     That Drummer Guy Interviews Mike Mangini:

- 3/27/2014 -

     This N. American Tour is kicking butt. Thank you Canada and Boston. Holy crowd explosions. What a job by a LOT of people and musicians in my hometown. I'm still stunned by how an entire venue can stand all night and still be crazy at the end. At least I'm moving !! On to tonight near Philly with my new sneakers !!

- 3/6/2014 -

     The Grid won a Drummie for Best Instructional Video. Cool!

- 3/4/2014 -

     I do have some video footage to post. I will put up a couple of clips ASAP, but I am OVERWHELMED with interviews, post and upcoming touring work and personal appointments for the next two weeks with NO days off. This home time is NO break that's for sure. I'll do my best posting as I have a couple helpers for this page, so that will help expedite the process.

- 3/4/2014 -

     Thank you Europe and Russia for making our tour so amazing. I was really stunned at the growing amount of children and females of all ages at these shows. I mean that. I really noticed it each night and I'm so happy our music is reaching such a large spectrum of people. I remember that a few guys at the VIP meet and greets mentioned that they still want their wives or girlfriends to come to a DT show. Tell them that they will not be alone next time.

- 2/24/2014 -

     If you want to be a fly on the wall... As I am right now warming up with the 5:19 Polyrhythm setting, Jordan is putting 4:5 and 15:19. This is the most fun band on the planet.

- 2/24/2014 -

     6:19 Polyrhythm Mode shown slow and fast for two entirely different applications. My last posts were using the slower tempos.

- 2/24/2014 -

     I will follow up with an explanation of the Tempo Advance 6:19 ASAP.

- 2/19/2014 -

     This warm up using the 6:19, but faster, helps tighten up my limbs for the double kick parts in Enemy Inside and Shattered Fortress. I have not much of any warm up for a few weeks, so I now have time and am trying to improve by using polyrhythms to make things harder for myself. Tempo Advance (again) is the key here... so are the Wincent leg pads and Pearl practice rig.

- 2/19/2014 -

     This is a little echoey, but I use the App to play a 6:19 polyrhythm very, very slowly so that I can fit two groups of left side HFF trips in each of the 19 (loud) clicks while my right side designates the "1" of every 19th of those six notes that fit inside the 19 loud ones.... are you tired yet ? It makes Illumination Theory a lot easier to play in one quick section.

- 2/19/2014 -

     Tempo Advance is available. I worked with the developer to cater this App to my specific warm ups and practice sessions. I will post application videos first, then I can post more details about it even though the tutorials should suffice.

- 2/19/2014 -

     What a tour and show this is turing out to be! It has taken a few weeks, but I'm finding all kinds of things/orchestrations to change and things to keep as is in the drum parts to the previous recordings before ADToE and DT without losing the essence of them and having FUN doing it. Every night is an amazing crowd going crazy all the way to the back of the arena... I can everyone in there; all the hands way up high in the very back of the venues. The production must look killer from back there!! Enjoy!!!

- 2/3/2014 -

     Looking Glass video is released.

- 2/3/2014 -

     Mangini interviewed by Stormbringer

- 2/3/2014 -

- 2/2/2014 -

     What an experience this tour is. The press and fans have noticed. What a reward. Our show was simply off the charts difficult to get right at first with all the timing needed to have the videos and song transitions run smoothly etc etc etc. It is way more difficult than last tour. I had to wear reading glasses the first bunch of shows to see all my ear, set list and REDBOX settings. I also had to smash in my ear monitors with a bandana... that I still wear. Bottom line is how cool the production is and how much fun the songs are to dig into.

- 2/2/2014 -

- 1/22/2014 -

     New Kit, New Back Movie Screen.

- 1/13/2014 -

     Playing in Porto in a couple of days ...that old building is going to turn into a giant party den :) See you soon if you're going!

- 1/10/2014 -

     I'm having a good 'ol time with this 360 App. ...If interested, you can finally see get a grasp on what I'm doing that is so specific to only my kit in Bridges (5m and 7:30 especially) and This is the Life (I wish the L/R hi hat pedal work could be seen.) For me, I can see the others from the front for a whole tune; something I can never do in reality. I'm posting again about this not to push the App per say; I know that it takes time to download; that it isn't for Android; I want to promote the sharing of what I knew was so fun about the ADToE drum parts that can now be seen. I'd freak over a Bonham 360 cam or one for a whole lot of drummers. Fun stuff.

- 1/9/2014 -

     I didn't know about this... how cool huh?? Yes, I just bought it. No special treatment. We're all on the same ride in the end. Enjoy if you get it!!

- 1/5/2014 -

     It is 'that' time again!!!

- 1/1/2014 -

     Happy 2014!!! Here's another clinic solo video. The sound is a bit distorted and the solo is sort of a "test some ideas solo and let it build" solo. It includes a few gear breakdowns from my not thoroughly checking the kit first. oops. So, this solo is unique because of those challenges that made me have to improvise even more. I know most fans of solos like the 'real' stuff...no edits... and some adversity etc., so I hope you enjoy this ! I especially can't wait for the drum & head wear commenting authorities to critique it on all levels, but to watch the whole thing!! LOL. And I wore a bandana?? I didn't get the rule book memo yet! Funny and funnier ...but I hope most people enjoy this and Have a Happy New Year all!

- 12/25/2013 -

     Merry Christmas - go get your free live album if you haven't already downloaded it!!

- 12/24/2013 -

     Merry Christmas everyone! I just check the Norad Santa Tracker and he is over southern India at this time... Have a happy holiday season!

- 12/23/2013 -

     Hudson let me know that Amazon has the "Grid." I'm not sure this is available everywhere, so it might help to know. If you have it already, it is interesting to compare the raw kit sound to the final DT album sound and it is the last you'll see me in the Skrillex Glasses :) I had to get stronger ones recently. I'm sure I am not alone!

- 12/11/2013 -

     Here's a solo over 20 minutes after the minute of music fades. There could not have been more people stuffed in there and we had a really fun time ! Great "Team Pearl" for the tour and store crew too ! You'll see me trying to reset my electronics and missing few moves, then getting them. Sometimes that the fun stuff to see. Between that and the comfort, that's I chose this solo.

- 12/8/2013 -

     Pure fun and pride for the whole team!!

- 11/27/2013 -

     Back to the practice Grid Iron...

- 11/22/2013 -

     I am back from Europe and back in Daily Dream Theater Land. What a trip!!! How awesome where you hosts?? Thank You!! I have not yet organized my photos to post an album. I do however have some usable video that I can post. I'll get some help from my FB/YouTube helpers and get this going. Look at all the radio adds for DT on the DT FB !! How cool. What a nice thing to see. I did interviews there and ate like a local everywhere I went. Yummm ! Thank you Germany, Austria, France, Norway, The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and Spain for hosting me. Where DT doesn't visit soon, I will ask to visit on the next clinic run.

- 11/11/2013 -

     I filmed a few clinics on my Zoom. I like the black light off the white kit! It is Pearl Masters Series at this one in Moss.

- 11/8/2013 -

     The Norway clinics are fun. Bergen Clinic and more fresh fish to eat tomorrow !!

- 11/2/2013 -

     I learned that my Grid DVD is in Europe ! Hope you got it if you were at the Adam's clinic last night. Tonight is Roden. It ought to be a great time !!

- 10/28/2013 -

     Thus far, clinic in Germany, Austria and Paris have been a whirlwind flying/driving/playing. I'm off to Zurich soon and will play there tomorrow night.

- 10/19/2013 -

     I'm so happy that I worked with Hudson on "The Grid." I just had a chance to go through the content. You should know that I improvised the filming based on a strict Grid outline. You can tell because there are long periods with no edits. I think it proves that the Grid works! Hudson brought it to life with magnificent production, graphics, notation ...I'm blown away personally by them all and their work. Disc 1 contains lots of explanations - deep stuff- and a 21 min. clinic solo! Disc 2 has a ton of mini solos and my favorite live ADToE Tour solos shot from above my head. Pure fun. Hope you like it!

- 10/12/2013 -

DRUM GURU: Coordination with Rudiments (by Mangini)

     This lesson is KILLER fun for anyone interested. I've come up with a wickedly simply way to get to know standard Rudiments very quickly and to take them to Pluto skill-wise. I learned from teaching that a lot of us we're, or are forced to learn the 26 rudiments and it doesn't have the same longterm personal effect as wanting to do it from the heart having seem something really cool. This lesson pack is no waste of time I'll tell you that !!. And yes... I have to buy it myself !!! I'm really happy to share time info like this.

- 10/11/2013 -

     You'll hear my G3 and "Dream Theater" kits all naked in this trailer :) Here's a link directly to Hudson Music as well.

Mike Mangini: The Grid - Official Trailer

- 10/11/2013 -

     This is the session where this page's cover photo comes from. Just a little insight into the history of the kit. Important stuff about endorsement relationships too. No playing in this clip. Between tour legs next year, I hope to finally record song of mine in this room. The contours are simply abnormal and incredible sounding. First Oct/Nov clinics, then DT Europe, then I can mess around with compositions.

- 10/10/2013 -

     An extremely successful Canadian Clinic run was had a couple of weeks ago. Sold out shows; lots of people got gear I played or play at a great prices. JAM industries ran a fantastic campaign. Pearl Day with Steve's & the other Axe Music shops clinics stuffed the rooms. It was fun to solo for a half an hour ! Thanks to Pearl, REMO, Shure, Zildjian, Zoom and Vater.

- 9/26/2013 -

     I'm trying to follow through on my promise to post more video. I'm just blasted with responsibilities, but remembered that people said they would not mind a simple, one camera, room sound posting. So check this out:

- 9/25/2013 -

      Can anyone guess the time signature structure when the bass & drums enter after the middle section in Illumination Theory? Of course one could interpret that in different ways just from math use, but I'll hint that it is 'simple.'

- 9/24/2013 -

      Because there is as much interest in this than in drumming, here is a bit about drummer's hair: Most of us don't like it in our faces. Longer hair has more weight and stays off the face better than medium length in general. Short hair doesn't do anything fun or wild to match rock/metal music. I do not know any drummers that have hair extensions, including me. My hair grows wickedly fast. Bushier, or wavier hair finds a home in my mouth every 3 seconds. People guess correctly that long haired drummers are not airline pilots, state senators, or professional baseball players. Most of us don't wear hats on stage out of respect for a professional environment, unless the situation is casual. Hair style changes makes for great gossip, babbling and often trumps more important internet news, like good deeds, awesome chicken recipes, or the release of new music.

- 9/24/2013 -

      Saw Luna Park last night. ADToE cycle is done. New DT is finally out and tour prep unfolds. Feels liberating that some old chapters in the timeline of experience and history are unconditionally and absolutely closed for good and that brand new ones are developing! Thanks to all of you enjoying all the good stuff with me! I can communicate things about song parts once I'm done preparing for all my upcoming clinics. Peace!

- 9/23/2013 -

     Mike is on the cover of the new Drum! Magazine!

- 9/23/2013 -

      (For older Facebook updates directly from Mike, please check his page here: Mike's Official Facebook)

Dream Theater's latest album, Dream Theater (self-titled), released on 9/23/2013.
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      For fans of Mike and his incredible Rhythm Knowledge systems, you'll be thrilled that Mike's first educational DVD set has been released by Hudson! ...Two DVD's packed with amazing info that will help you learn how to improvise, among many other things. Info here:

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