Mike Mangini DT Drummer SLR I

Photo by Sabrina Ramdoyal        

Check out what Mike now has as the most advanced 8 HD Camera - Pro lit, video recording, streaming, Zooming, Song Writing, Drum Practicing and Drum & Virtual Instrument Recording MAN CAVE IN HISTORY!!

With a special “thanks” to: Shure Mics, Zoom 2n4K Cameras, Pro Tools, Brainworx Plug-Ins, Pearl Drums, REMO Drum Heads, Zildjian Cymbals, Vater (Poly Beaters, Slicknuts, Drink and Stick Holders and Signature “Wicked Piston Drum Sticks,”) Roland TM2, KT-10, SD-9 and S88, Footblaster, Samson (Mixers, Computer and Monitor stands, Graphite Controllers, Mic Stands, Mic Cords, Mic Accessories.)  And, surrounded by Scene4 - Mike Mangini Artwork “Beyond Planck."

View and Purchase Mike’s Unique Art Collection made by him playing in the dark with lighted drum sticks, while repeating exact motions in 2.5 second intervals using his World Record hand speed to create REAL TIME symmetry:

© Mike Mangini 2015