Photo by Dave Green

This page is one of Mike’s four websites. It contains historical aspects of Mike's career, as well as how he has applied his educational methods to professional situations. Other than the obvious landing spots to learn about him, like his Biography, you can see several videos, and get inside information on his personal experiences and use of the sciences.

His other webistes are: 

Rhythm Knowledge - Mike’s Methods and Systems

Mangini Band - Mike’s Solo 

Mike Mangini Media, LLC - Mike’s entire world of products, services, philosophies, including a “why” message. Everything in Mike’s World ties in together. MMMLLC shows how.

We’d like to address some misinformation appearing in interviews with Mike. Firstly, Mike grew up in Waltham, MA. He was born in a Newton hospital, but was born and raised as "Waltham Hawk.” Too many webpages not made by Mike cite him as being from Newton, MA.

Although Mike is known as an advanced, chop using drumming acrobat, his roots and true nature lie in the genres of classical, jazz/latin and classic rock. Go to the videos page to see how diverse Mike’s playing actually is, versus how those not in-the-know perceive it and thus, incorrectly portray who Mike is and what he actually does.

"The Alien,” co-composed by Mike and Dream Theater, won a 2022 GRAMMY for Best Metal Performance. 

Mike Mangini ®