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This website contains a lot about Mike and his career. You can see pictures of is various drum sets, learn about his career biography & awards, see several videos of him, and get inside information on his personal experiences and use of the sciences.

His books, Rhythm Knowledge, Volumes 1,2  & 3, as well as sticks and heads etc. from albums and tours, are available from his Store. The Rhythm Knowledge Website explains what “Rhythm Knowledge” is and also has a lessons registration page. The R.K. page on THIS site has unique information and is worth visiting.

Firstly, Mike is from Waltham, MA. He was born in a Newton hospital, but was born and raised as "Waltham Hawk.” Too many webpages not made by Mike cite him as being from Newton, MA.

Another example of misinformation, is that Mike is NOT in the Guiness Book of World Records. He has earned Official W.F.D. Hand and Feet Records. Guiness was not present at the N.A.M.M events, or clinics where and when Mike set all of his Officially W.F.D. sanctioned, "World’s Fastest Drummer” records, or he’d be in it.  See the whole journey under the “About Me” Tab.

Another source of misinformation accurately reflected within the “About Me” Tab, is how Mike won his current job with the band Dream Theater. You can all the facts about that here, as well as being able to dig into his past career and learn about his world renown educational abilities and systems.

“Set the World on Fire.” The recording was done on a Pearl Birch kit. That led to Mike deciding to officially endorse Pearl Drums in 1999.

The Alien won a 2022 GRAMMY for Best Metal Performance. Here is Dream Theater’s John Petrucci accepting the Grammy.


He also has many products and services available, as well as social media pages within the “Socials” and “Products & Services” Tab.

Here’s an original Promo for his Zoom Classes to get an idea of his studio set up:

Mike Mangini ®