Dream Theater Audition

Below, is a real-time account of how he won his current job with Dream Theater. Here is part of the actual audition.

Read about his audition history in the BIOGRAPHY.

Mike performed 3 of the band’s songs, an open jam and time signature playing tests with flawless execution. Contrary to interesting internet banter, he was not a “shoe-in” for the Dream Theater band member job. He did not get it given to him because of “connections,” “contracts” “offers,” “his having a family,” “his living in a neighboring state," or for any other reason, like being from a state close to NY and teaching at a college that 3 DT attended for a year. If any of those things were valid reasons, then the band would not have flown people in from other continents.

Those things are narrative diversions and do not relate in any way to how spotlessly Mike played that day. The most important aspect of being assured of why Mike won this job, comes down to playing and reacting “on the spot” to the rigorous rhythmic challenges the band’s music demands and that they demanded that day. That can be seen in the video.

More specifically, there were and are no “band exclusivity” contracts or any other having to do with the audition, or taking the job. Only a release form had to be signed by all auditioners for use of the audition footage. Nobody was offered this job by the entire band in a unanimous decision, except Mike Mangini. That offer was caught on film.

Another fabricated internet narrative is that Mike’s “connections” to D.T. “won” him the job. His strongest connection to D.T. prior to the audition was original drummer, Mike Portnoy, who months after Mangini won the audition, asked for his job back. If anything, that “connection” is the straightest path to “unconnect," not connect Mike Mangini to his job.  Secondly, Mike recorded 3 albums for singer James LaBrie. But, LaBrie brought in his current solo band drummer Peter Wildoer to the audition mix. Furthermore, Mike had no history with John, John or Jordan.

A large souce of disinformation also stems from Mike’s post audition work with Dream Theater with the band’s album production. The sound changed dramatically when Po

Many factors accounted for this successful audition. One simple factor is that Mike’s learning systems actually work if you apply yourself like he did.

Please read about them on: http://rhythmknowledge.com/

You can study the systems via: https://vimeo.com/mikemangini

Mike Mangini ®