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Pearl Drums, Hardware & Accessories

REMO Drum Heads

ROLAND Drum Electronics Modules, Pedals and Pads

SAMSON Electronics and Audio Accessories

SHURE Microphones

VATER Signature “Mike Mangini-Wicked Piston" Drum sticks and Accessories

ZILDJIAN CYMBALS & GEN16 and Accessories

Zoom HD4K Cameras

Mike also uses Frozen Ape Metronome Apps. (See Links Page.)

Mike uses different drum kit configurations for different situations. 

His current broadcasting/recording studio kit is here.

As he came up with different drum kit possibilities over the years, he practiced to develop the necessary skills to play each kit. The biggest change he made was in configuring a totally ambidextrous set up that he brought to the stage in 1995. There is big a difference between setting up pedals and things to hit and truly playing ambidextrously. Mike is not ambidextrous, but has learned to play both right and left handed while mixing the two.  This is important to know about him because every change he made was based in his not being able to express the musical ideas he wanted to without the skills to do so, or the proper equipment.

“I want my relationships to be a win/win situation.  I think that goes a long way because in times of real need, all my companies have provided the goods. I appreciate that, so I work hard to promote what I use and give constant feedback on gear. They’ve all often helped me make gear adjustment decisions. Likewise, I come up with ideas based on need and necessity and that often turns out to yield a new product for them. I want the connection to feel like a family one. These relations are very, very important to me.”

Mike has developed many, many, many ground breaking products with his companies. His kit and style are so unique, that the companies had to make gear to accomodate his musical visions.

In the video below, Mike speaks about some of his endorsement companies, unique gear ideas and uses, but he also explains why he choses what he does. Note that Mike used his prior signature drum stick and not his current “Wicked Piston” model.

Footage below is from Mike’s studio only up until 2018.

Mike’s latest set up that started with the Distance Over Time tour morphed into using 4 Gong Floor Toms instead of regular ones. The reason for this was that the gong floors do not have the same overtones found in large venues and stages.  Check out Mike using this technology that he discovered. Nobody else has ever used gong drums instead of floor toms.

Specific information about each kit is still needed on the following pages. However, there are pictures on some.

Dream Theater- 2014 & 2013 DT TOUR2013 DT in the StudioDT 2012 & 2011 TourDT 2010 in the Studio

Drum Clinics

Small Kit- Petrucci G3 Tour 2012 

Warm Up Rig 

Small Kit- Home Quiet Kit Practice

James LaBrie- “Elements of Persuation,” “Mullmuzzler II,” Mullmuzzler I all in the Studio.

Steve Vai & G3- 2000 & 1999 Tour, 1997 & 1996 Tour, 1996 “Fire Garden” in the Studio.

Extreme- 1995 & 1994 Tour, “Waiting for the Punchline” in the Studio.

Annihilator- “Meta”l Recording, “Set the World on Fire” in the Studio



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