Mike visited CERN (European Center for Nuclear Research) in May of 2022 as a special guest and got a private tour. This allowed him to have focussed discussions with the physicists. 

His primary focus is related to the nature of “information.” Mike will be furthering his theories and developing his knowledge by constantly researching, testing and truly loving the challenges and quirks of the quarks so to speak.

Check THEIR site out (via the link above) for much more detailed information. This page was made for Mike to share his experience, as well as to share what CERN is to those who previously were unaware of it.

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Mike’s learning systems are based on observational data and proving which systems and techniques truly work for everybody and at ever level via the Scientific Method. 

By looking throughout this site on the GRID and Rhythm Knowledge pages especially, you can see how Mike applies computing, math and the sciences to all of his learning systems and exercises. 

At CERN, he was able to get extremely valuable information about their various experiments and how they observe and prove things that are not easily observable or provable. The natural wiring of each individual person is not easily seen. Tests are required to see signs of certain things that come naturally, or not. That is why this visit was important to Mike and is included on this website. 

As luck or fate would have it, the accelerators were up and running during his visit and he got to see “the beam” the control center operating in real time. Mike’s systems use so many principles of physics as models. They even permeate his art. Accordinly, Mike developed his body symetrically. No other drummer ever made a completely symetrical drum kit the way Mike did. 

This means that a drummer must play equally proficient and simultaneously both fully righty and fully lefty. So it is no coincidence the Mike based his art collection on symmetry and named it, “Beyond Planck.” Of course, there is no space that known physics allows to be smaller than the Planck Length. However, the name of his art collection comes from a similar place that his solo album’s title, “Invisible Signs” does. Everything in Mike’s educational world ties together and relates in some way.

You can see the symmetry in his kit here. Again, nobody had ever set up the pedals such that fully lefty playing was required by a right handed drummer to play this kit.

You can learn about CERN via the link at the top of this page. Like the other web pages in Mike’s “Education” Tab, this page is a work in progress. Mike’s Rhythm Knowledge, Volume Two exercies use binary code and other various computing and mathematicl principles. CERN is an extraordinary place where all of these disciplines ‘collide.'

Mike’s interest is in learning about how things work.  Rhythm Knowledge, Volume One, is labelled as “how to” for a reason. It is based on Natural Law, cognitive science, the laws of physics and the rules of mathematics.

Mike began the tour with a little bit humor in simulating being inside the Hadron Collider area. The Large Hardon Collider has a working temperature of -271 C to keep the particle acceleratin magnets cool.

It takes 4 rings to accelerate particles BEFORE they make it to the L.H.C., where one will reach near the speed of light.


Sometimes, it’s actualy nice to proof of these in action and to peer into the subatomic world that cannot be seen with the naked eye. 

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Mike was fortunate enough to see CERN’s Control Center actively accelerating and observing particles. There are multiple accellerator rings working simultaneously and being monitored. The amount of monitoring going on for temperatures, magnets, particles and zillion other things is staggering, but it WORKS. Mike asked the engineers if red was their favorite color. That’s a joke. They prefer green lights at CERN.

He also view the Champagne bottles used to celebrate many milestones and incredile feats acheived at CERN.


It takes a lot of mind boggling engineering to get the accelerators to move the particles at near light speed

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The orange tubes carry radio waves. Linear accelerators at CERN use the electrical fields that are present in radio waves to accelerate the charged particles.

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More and more ways of generating energy keep helping CERN advance with their experiments. The circuitry is simply stunning.

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CERN has to store the data they monitor. It is not possible to store everything they monitor and record, so they have algorithms for saving certain data.

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The data must be documented and also accessible.

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